Fashion Exam 2017

Final Exam Completed – VIA DESIGN (TEKO)

I graduated VIA Design in December 2017 with my final exam on December 15th. I finished showcasing my two sewn designs EOS and ATHENA. I received very positive feedback and was honoured with the highest grade 12 (A) as the overall score of my presentation and work shown in my Sales, Process- and Look Book. You can find my books under my portfolio page and click the individual book. Read more “Final Exam Completed – VIA DESIGN (TEKO)”



ANNA SUI - PATTERN MAKING INTERNSHIP 2017 ! I am very excited to announce that Lars Wedel is going to be part of the Anna Sui Pattern Making team this upcoming summer.

I am so excited and ready for this amazing opportunity. I can't wait to get started and work with some of the most successful and talented people in the American fashion industry. I will be at Anna Sui from the 19th of June until the 16th of September, participating in their design team and pattern making team and also help out during their exhibition at New York Fashion Week this upcoming September.

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Exchange at Cornell University

I finally have some amazing news for my new website ! I was accepted at Ivy League college Cornell University in New York at their Human Ecology program, focusing on Fashion Design and Fashion Design Management. I will be studying there for 4 months, starting this upcoming January. And hopefully I will have the opportunity to stay longer, if I get a internship there as well! I am so excited for whats to come !!! VIA Design has really been giving me some great opportunities and I am so grateful ! 2017 I am ready for you